Went to see Frozen last night

And there was this absolute legend of a kid at the other end of my row. He made the sassiest little comments at the screen the whole time. And they were incredible.My personal favourites were:

When Kristoff is riding away on Sven after leaving Anna so she can find Hans and have true loves kiss, he repeatedly said ‘Turn your ass around. You’re her true love!’

When Anna is dying and Hans is like ‘If only there was someone out there who loved you’, he literally yelled ‘Aww, hell no’

And, after Anna socks Hans in the face everyone else in the theatre was laughing, but he said ‘Choke on that, you slimy bitch!’ (That one was followed by the woman sitting next to him saying ‘Thomas, watch your language!’)

When the movie let out I saw “Thomas” leaving with the woman (I’m guessing she’s his mum). Kid could not have been more than ten years old. Which somehow makes everything he was saying all the more funny…